Opportunities to Learn More


No matter what stage of our careers we’re at, whether you’re working as a performer or you’re somewhere in the business of guitar, there’s always more to learn.

At GuitarCareers, we’ll be providing you with opportunities to LEARN more through our own offerings or those of our Valued Partners. We will only offer you these opportunities if we believe strongly in the benefits that they offer.

If you are currently or aspiring to work within the guitar universe, we encourage to visit our WORK page.

Valued Partner Opportunities

*As you can see, we’re in “ramp-up” mode here on GuitarCareers and we’re talking to interested potential partners about working with us to provide education and training resources to the market we are heavily embedded in.

If your company or organization has an interest in connecting with our growing market that is supported by all of our other platforms, including Guitar Business Radio, GuitarPR and others, then please fill out the form below or call us at 888-777-2404. We want to hear from you.