What’s Happening Here?

GuitarCareers is a project of Guitar Business Media, home of GuitarPR, The Guitar Business Store, Guitar Business Radio, GBR Focus¬†and more. The company is all about the Business of Guitar from guitar players to guitar builders, from CEO’s to entrepreneurs and anything in between.

Our goal is to provide as much value as possible to those with a business or professional interest in the world of guitar. GuitarCareers is not just about finding jobs or candidates, although we’ll do that through a unique Opportunity Listings platform at Work.

For those who make a living in the guitar universe, there’s always more to know. In our Learn section, we’ll be offering a variety of education and training pathways directly as well as with our GuitarCareers Partners.

We will Support our constituents with resources, services and products directly as well as through our GuitarCareers Partners.

We’re ramping things up quickly during our pre-launch period. So contact us if you have questions or are interested in being a GuitarCareers¬†Valued Partner. We’d love to hear from you.